VoIP – What Is It and Why Should Your Business Invest In It?

For a modern business, there are no boundaries when it comes to trading and marketing. This is especially true for companies that offer technology products or services. Thanks to low cost VoIP for Business Solutions and telephone systems for small business, it’s possible to engage in business transactions on an international scale without needing to pay for expensive PABX systems or worry about large phone bills.

Many of the more modern VoIP for business solutions provide more than just telephone systems for Small Business. They also offer remote collaboration tools such as whiteboards, along with file sharing, conference calling, text chat, video chat, and more. When you compare the cost of getting started with a VoIP for business service to the cost of a fully featured groupware application from a more specialist provider, going the VoIP route can be an attractive proposition.

If you need to work with people in foreign countries, or just spend a lot of time working remotely and calling the office, then VoIP based telephone systems for small business customers make logical sense. Usually, VoIP to VoIP calls within the same provider is offered at no extra charge, so you instantly save money. Also, it’s likely that you already have most of the hardware needed to make use of VoIP, so you don’t have to worry about extra expenses beyond minor costs such as headsets. If you have a lot invested in older carrier technologies, and PABX systems, or have a lot of time put into software such as Symposium, then moving to VoIP may not be attractive, but you should consider the long term benefits of having all of your communication tools centralized, and together in an easy to use package. Training new staff should be a lot easier, and the workload for existing staff should be improved too, once they get used to how the new tools work.

One common concern when it comes to deploying VoIP for business is the reliability of VoIP telephone systems for Small Business customers, and the quality of the calls. To many people, VoIP still has a reputation for being rather unstable, with low bit rate calls, and clearly discernable lag plaguing many of the early VoIP implementations. The good news is that this reputation is no longer deserved. The call quality of most VoIP services has increased dramatically as compression methods have improved, bandwidth has become more readily available, and innovations such as MPLS have helped VoIP providers to offer a more stable service.

Today, when choosing a specialist VoIP business provider, it’s easy enough to find one that has a good quality and up-time record. You may not want to move all of your telephony over to the VoIP provider straight away, but for outgoing calls and internal communication VoIP is a great deal. Many companies rely on traditional telephone systems for Small Business for their inbound communications, taking advantage of VoIP for the meeting and collaboration features only.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Maintel. Amy is passionate about and enjoys writing on many topics, including means by which a business can expand and boost its profits and productivity.

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