Technology Solutions For Business: Video Conferencing

Technology Solutions For Business: Video Conferencing

It has never been more apparent that business is not just conducted in one city, state or country — it is a worldwide affair that requires people all over the globe to be able to connect to one another.

Perhaps that is why conference room technology has never played a more key role in helping people innovate products, collaborate over ideas and make money. This technology allows an office in New York to also be an office in Tokyo, uniting the globe and bringing people closer together than ever before.

Business Solutions|Projectors and LCD monitors

One of the most important ways that people connect with each other is visually, which is why projectors and LCD monitors are such integral parts of conference room technology. It is actually a very simple matter of having two video cameras hooked up to a conferencing service, which transfers the feeds to the television monitor at another location.

Conferencing services also allow team members to share visual presentations such as graphics and slides with each other, which is why high-definition monitors and projectors are now increasingly the norm for any type of business conferencing. The days of having grainy images on a tiny computer screen are over for most businesses. Bigger is most certainly better when it comes to the visual component of conferencing.

Business Solutions|Speakers and microphones

Of course, it does not matter if the visuals are great if the audio is so poor no one can understand each other. Most businesses will not require an expensive surround-sound style audio setup, but having the ability to clearly and effortlessly communicate is important, which is why spending some money in the audio department of conference room technology is not a bad idea.

Make sure to purchase a microphone that can pick up sound from the entire room. Likewise, make sure the speaker setup is sufficient to fill the conference room with sound. Team members who are straining to hear what is being said or shouting to making themselves heard on the other end is a detriment to productivity and can be easily avoided by spending just a few extra dollars when setting up the conferencing system.

Business Solutions|Software

There is a variety of software available that makes conferencing a snap. It all works very similarly, connecting two locations and myriad devices through the internet. Of course, it does much more than that as well, giving the user the ability to control all aspects of the teleconferencing experience.

Robert Seitzinger is a copywriter for AVT, a Bay Area conference room presentation systems provider.


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