Rules Of Engagement: Twitter Mistakes Small Business Should Avoid

twitter mistakes

Social media has grown to be a very popular and cost-effective marketing channel for small businesses to promote their offerings online. Though they can be great marketing tools it shouldn’t be forgotten that social networks, though digital, survive on the basic human tendency to interact and share information on general topics of interest.  To be effective on such platforms small businesses will have to remember this; that tools such as Twitter are more about engaging in conversation that simply broadcasting a message.

It’s natural for businesses to engage in enthusiastic marketing campaigns to boost their brands. However, it is also important that one does not to over-do it. Here are some of the few Twitter mistakes that small businesses should avoid to still stay in the game.

Twitter Mistakes|Over-hype

Of course, at its core, all marketing is hype, and small businesses are always going to want to use social media to build their presence in a given sector. Constant self-interested monologues, however, simply put people off.

It may seem that the business is simply bragging about its products, services or management, endlessly emphasising their general superiority. Avoid monologues in a social network in order to stay in the good books of followers.

Twitter Mistakes|Lack of Focus

Tweets should always try and portray the expertise of a business in a specific industry, rather than confusing readers with some irrelevant comment on any old passing topic of interest. Be sure to share and comment on any developments related to the business or the industry in general. If the business spans across several fields, then the focus has to be on the field-specific brand.

Twitter Mistakes|Casual Lethargy

A simple Twitter profile, supported by automated tweets or a weekly manual tweet, is the best way to lose the attention of the followers. Getting noticed on twitter takes active participation and interaction with followers. Along with this, there should also be re-tweeting of insightful comments from sources your business will benefit form being associated with.

Twitter Mistakes|Impatience

Getting recognised on Twitter and building relationships with other people online takes its own time. It has been observed that businesses that usually start out with social networking on Twitter tend to let go within a short time. A neat strategy, clubbed with some personal interactions and sharing of content, is bound to pay off and help you develop a strong following over time.

Remember, using social networks as a marketing platform is not just simply posting advertisements and content; it is about eventually winning the confidence of the people, and thereby building a positive image for the business.

Twitter Mistakes|Monotony

Don’t be boring! If you are lazy people won’t be interested. Add a human touch to your efforts. Make a personalised profile that shows you off and make the effort to really think about your tweets. Standard profiles and automated tweets, although they may create an impression of being time-savers, aren’t best practice.

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