Three Unexpected Role Models For Entrepreneurs

role models for entrepreneurs

If you work online as an entrepreneur then that makes you an unusual type of person. Entrepreneurs are rare to come by, as they need to have a very specific set of personality traits. Not only must the entrepreneur be driven, be creative and be intelligent, but they also need to be optimists, risk takers and dreamers. An entrepreneur is someone who eschews the traditional ways of living and making money, and who sees opportunities where others would not.


However, while it is the very rarity of entrepreneurs that makes this lifestyle choice possible, (if everyone were launching startups there would be no employees); it can also make it quite a lonely lifestyle choice. As such then, it can sometimes get difficult keeping the faith and staying focused when everyone around you is raising their eyebrows.

Moreover, this is why it’s so useful to have some great role models for inspiration and that can motivate you to carry on/provide a blueprint for how you can achieve your dreams and ambitions. In addition, great inspiration can come from unexpected sources sometimes as we are about to see. Here we will look at three slightly more unusual examples of people that can serve as ideal inspiration and motivation for someone looking to make a living online…

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone might not be the obvious role model for someone who has thus far modeled his or her career on Mark Zuckerberg, but actually, he has more in common than you might think.

For instance, did you know that Stallone has an IQ of 160? Moreover, he put this IQ to good use when he broke into the film industry by writing a script that every Hollywood producer wanted to make. That script of course was Rocky, but Stallone stood firm and refused to sell the rights to the story only willing to accept a deal, where he would get to play the titular character. Of course, the rest is history.

Nevertheless, that’s not all Stallone has done that makes him a huge success. After making it big in films, Sly used this success to launch other ventures – such as ‘Instone’ his supplements line for instance. On top of this, he also managed to break into a very different but no less impress industry – the art world. Perhaps his most crowning achievement to date though has to be his recent return to Hollywood, which was as much of an underdog story as the first time he made it big with Rocky 1. And the fact that he has kept in such good shape into his mid-sixties is worthy of admiration of course too… It’s never too late to become what you’ve always wanted to be…

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is an incredible success story, and in many ways is the closest thing we have to a real life Tony Stark. Here’s a guy who during the week runs countless different businesses, but on his time off gets up to such adventures as flying hot air balloons around the world. A marketing genius, Richard Branson has managed to stay contemporary and cool even when stepping in boring industries and has always managed to get media attention for himself and his brand. The choice of the name ‘Virgin’ even shows how he’s willing to use a little controversy to make himself stand out, while his lack any real academic qualifications show that you don’t have to be a whizz kid to be a success. Now of course he’s doing just about the most amazing thing any entrepreneur could dream of – privatizing Space flight…

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Another 80s action hero? There must be something about the muscular look that goes hand in hand with business acumen and determination (no prizes for guessing how this works). Like Branson and Stallone though, Arnold is the definition of Homo Universallis as a highly successful actor, bodybuilder, businessman, and politician. Arnie is an expert in altering his public image and talking in sound bites, and his determination and lust for challenges means that he can conquer any industry he goes into. If there is one thing, you can learn from this man it’s to stay hungry.

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