The Best Social Media Campaigns rely Heavily on Video Integration

best social media campaigns

With an increasing focus on the online market and the ways in which you can reach out to and engage with potential customers, social media is a hot topic. More and more small businesses are looking to expand their more traditional direct marketing campaigns by the inclusion of an online element incorporating search engine optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising and a social media strategy.

The great thing about online marketing is that almost everything is traceable, and you’re able to track exactly what returns you have seen from your investment. This means that for small businesses with potentially a small budget it is ideal because you can quickly tailor your social media marketing campaigns to ensure that you’re getting the best for your business.

There are a number of different social platforms you may think about accessing for your business: Facebook and Twitter are probably the most popular and will give you the best opportunity to engage with potential clients and customers. The key thing about the best social media campaigns are to remember that content is key, and the more relevant, interesting, ‘comment’-able and ‘share’-able content you create the better because this way you are likely to increase the chance of your content being shared, commented on, re-tweeted or replied to (depending what social media platform you’re using).

This leads us nicely on to video production, probably one of the areas that is often a little bit neglected when it comes to a social media strategy but can bring some very good returns, especially when used effectively in your SM campaigns.

Many people like to watch videos, you probably remember when in school you may have been branded as a ‘visual’ learner – in other words you learn best from watching something to take information in, others prefer to read and digest the information while others need to ‘do’ something to be able to understand the information properly. Thanks to these ‘visual’ learners and the power of video sharing sites such as YouTube, the popularity of online videos are huge and if someone finds a good one which they enjoy they’re all the more likely to share it with their friends and contacts – good news for small businesses. You can now explore video production as a new strategy because videos begin to feel their way out of simply being a sales tool in the boardroom to engaging with people on their own computers at the office or at home.

The following video production tips will help you decide what kind of video is the best for social media campaigns.   We will also look at the various marketing strategies for the social media sites?

The single most important video production tip is to create a marketing video product that will create a buzz to ensure that people will watch it. This might mean that it is informational and offers up a few tips to businesses and clients related to your product or that it is humorous. The most videos which have gone viral through social media are those which are either funny, pull at our heart strings or are controversial. Your video production must makes a statement that leads to engagement and dialogues between those who agree and disagree with your stance on the subject.

It really depends on what social media platform you are using as to how it is best to go ahead with placing it on the site. Rather than just uploading it and hoping that somebody will find it and engage, your social media strategy should be to participate in discussions around the specific topic. This way you can point interested fellow Facebookers and Tweeters in the direction of your video production in the hope that they will find it interesting and share it with others they think will find it relevant.

And a video production tip to keep in mind for your marketing video production – like people judge a book by its cover, viewers of your video will unfortunately do exactly the same. Make sure that you catch viewers’ attentions within the first few seconds of your video, it is the only way you’ll get them to watch it the whole way through.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful and your social media campaigns will continue to soar with the addition of a great marketing video production.

Bio: Rebecca Field writes on behalf of Lambda Films, offering video production in Cambridge and across East Anglia, visit their website to see examples of their work.


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