Raise New Venture Capital The Smart Way

  The global economic outlook has had a major impact on most countries across the world. As most global companies look to offload their expenses, the craze for starting a business has also gone up significantly. Most of these ventures are small or medium ventures with limited capital inputs.   It is therefore optimally important […]

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Turning Hobbies into Businesses: Starting a Jewelry Business

starting a jewelry business

Diamonds and Jewelry have always been on demand throughout mankind’s existence. Even in the ancient times, both men and women wants to have their own jewelry at hand; treating them as treasures and passing it from one generation to the next. Jewel enthusiasts not only grab for the beautiful jewels on sale; but due to […]

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Avoid Start-Up Risks with these Financial Measures

People usually invest more time in planning a vacation and tend to ignore securing their future. The same approach people have when starting a business. As per a study, around 80 percent of new businesses fail every year where a majority of entrepreneurs lose their entire savings and shatter their dreams of becoming their own […]

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10 Great Resources for Small Business Owners

Starting your own business requires an investment of your time and money, as well as a leap of faith. Luckily, you’re not alone in this venture. As small, privately held businesses become more and more prevalent in the online market, new resources for small business owners continue to emerge all over the Internet. To help […]

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You Might Be Shocked but Start-Up Businesses are on the Rise!

Whilst data suggests that the UK is currently in recession, the economic environment is not all doom and gloom. Small businesses and new business start-ups seem to be bucking the trend and showing that, as long as you have the right product or skills, you can do well whatever the financial climate.   Don’t let […]

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Do Stumble Blocks Deter You from Starting a Business?

Starting a Business is Not a Treasure Hunt! Starting a business can be a great experience. You get to be your own boss, you get to make all the decisions and you have a great sense of pride if your business flourishes. You will learn many different things as you build your business from the […]

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Tips for Starting a Competitive Small Business

new start-ups

Do You Plan for Success? After the recent financial turmoil of 2008, many small businesses are crushed under the heavy weight of increasing debt. Under the existing economic situation, it’s quite natural to see many small businesses undergo a phase of low money supply, where liabilities seem to surpass earnings. In accordance with the Automated […]

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