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Every Entrepreneur knows about the fear of failure. Fear of failure is ingrained in us all. From toddlers to teens we all learn to hate failure and are frequently ridiculed when we do indeed fail. But who seriously considers the other side of that coin, the fear of SUCCESS?

Fear of success is sometimes the hidden reef upon which many potential successes have floundered and sunk. After all, who realistically considers being afraid of obtaining what they most desire? Unfortunately, the answer seems to be too few. This is an insidious obstacle to success for many which can be uncovered and avoided once understood.

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Fear of success can be subtle, taking many forms and originating from internal psychological and emotional issues, or from external influences. A root cause of this fear can be change. Any change (including your success) makes you different than your peer group. You may then fear you’ll no longer “fit in” or be accepted by your friends and family. Or you may worry about jealousy being created by your new change in financial status. You may even have been told you’d never amount to anything as a child and changing that old image seems difficult, or even impossible. Your mindset regarding yourself and your success can influence your life and your business as profoundly as how you consider failure.

Fear of success is therefore not only insidious, it’s dangerous. True, fear can be healthy, even essential in avoiding real danger (“Oh no, a bear! Run!”); but without a True Vision it can also lead to confusion about your goal (“Oh no, a bear! I’m not sure I can climb that tree… I probably can’t outrun it… What should I d… Crunch.”); even paralysis through over-analysis (“Oh no, a bear! I wonder if it’s hungry? Is that one of those…”  Oops, too late.). Fear of success also sometimes occurs when we use emotions rather than logic to access our situation (Do I really deserve to be more successful than cousin Tom?)

I believe that overcoming fear and replacing it with realistic internal and external communication is an integral part of achieving your True Vision 4 Success. It’s the fears and anxieties created by our internal critic which often thwart progress toward our True Vision 4 Success or even stop us completely. Silencing that critic, overcoming our fears, taking positive decisive action, and succeeding require no fancy formulas, nor does it require gadgets and gimmicks. It requires a crystal-clear True Vision 4 Success.

I’ve spent my life studying and creating success. During my journey from selling pumpkins on the roadside as a youth to founding successful multimillion dollar businesses, I’ve learned, developed, and practiced simple (but not always easy) techniques which anyone can follow to achieve and maintain their own success. This system is called, “True Vision 4 Success.”

I’ve distilled techniques I’ve personally tested and developed through time with lessons I’ve learned studying other highly successful business entrepreneurs, star athletes, entertainers, and ordinary people who have accomplished the extraordinary. True Vision 4 Success is a success system almost anyone can follow to achieve their own success. These True Vision 4 Success techniques have been instrumental in creating my own successes in life from breaking 6 Guinness Fitness World Records, to establishing successful multi-million dollar businesses. I want to share a few techniques with you right here in hopes you’ll be able to reduce your own fears and increase your potential for success and happiness in life no matter what your goal.

There are thousands of ways our success can succumb to the forces surrounding us. Creating positive, realistic communications internally and with others in our lives is one way to ensure our fears, whether conscious or not, don’t block our journey to success. That’s why it’s so important to practice positive, realistic inner communication every day. Instead of fearful, unrealistic thoughts like, “I’ll never get my next round of funding in this economy.” Rephrase your thought in the positive, “It may be difficult to get funded in a tight economy, but I know I can do it if I just keep trying long enough.” Using this technique, and Total Focus (discussed in my book), I personally approached 33 banks before acquiring necessary funding to take my first successful business to Phase II. (I had determined to keep trying until I approached at least 100!) Making sure your inner voice fills you with inspiration, not negative chatter, helps maintain Total Focus on your goal, keeps you in a Glad Frame of Mind (also discussed in my book), and reduces fear regardless of the source.

Remember, any thought or phrase if repeated enough will eventually be believed. This has been dubbed the “self-fulfilling prophesy” by Sociologist Russel K. Merton. In his book Social Theory and Social Structure, Merton essentially reasons that any prediction (not necessarily based in fact) which is believed by the predictor (you), may eventually become truth just because you believe it will happen. Don’t set yourself up for failure by creating negative ideas in your mind. Learn to create and actively practice realistic, positive communication to avoid this form of self-defeat. Create your own “self-fulfilling prophesy” for your enduring success.

Business Entrepreneur|Here are some easy tips:

When communicating with yourself and others, avoid inaccurate negative words like “never” and “always.”

These types of words create sweeping conclusions that are frequently unproven, imprecise, and unrealistic. For instance rephrase, “I’ll never be able to lose 30 pounds, who am I kidding?” into; “Maybe I haven’t found the right way yet, but I know I can lose 30 pounds. There are plenty of people who’ve lost a lot more. I can too.” Simple? Yes. Easy? Only if you practice regularly until it becomes habit (approximately 66 days). Just by changing the words you change how you think and feel about the possibility of your success, resulting in a change in your actions and increasing your potential for true, lasting success.

Create and maintain a daily, weekly, or monthly journal.

The act of writing reinforces your thoughts and memories. Think about your activities in detail as you write. What worked? What failed? Who helped you on your way to success? Who was a hindrance? What could you have said or done that could have furthered your True Vision 4 Success? The more detailed you can be about the events, people, feelings, and everything else the better. With so many distractions in the course of your day it’s easy to become diverted from your true goals or to overlook important threats or opportunities. Writing journal entries allows you time to reflect on your thoughts, actions, fears and anxieties, while also providing the opportunity to review them in the future to find patterns, opportunities, and threats you may have missed in the heat of the fray.

A journal is therefore also an important tool for introspection and analysis of your motivations, reactions, and patterns of behavior. Seeing patterns in your behavior, responses, motivators, threats, and opportunities can maximize your efforts, producing greater results on your journey to success. And don’t forget to always finish every entry with a positive affirmation reminder further driving the reality of what you’re striving for into your psyche.

Create a vivid movie in the theater-of-your-mind of you succeeding at whatever you’re doing.

Play the movie of yourself achieving your success often. What will you wear? Where will it occur? Who are the people who will be impressed with your success? When will it happen? The more detail your movie contains the better the results. Try to see and feel all of the details. Don’t forget to feel the emotions that accompany your success! I want your heart to beat a little faster; I want your palms to get a little sweaty. I want you to truly know how it’s going to feel when you achieve your True Vision. Watching this movie solidifies in your mind the reality of your desire, dispelling your fears by actively engaging your mind in the methods and results of your True Vision 4 Success.

These are just a few techniques I use regularly to avoid unrealistic, negative thoughts while remaining totally focused on my goals. There are many other important techniques for creating a positive mind-set, staying focused, in the right frame-of-mind, and achieving your own success which I discuss at length in my book, True Vision 4 Success.

You can learn the same techniques today I’ve practiced in creating my success by purchasing a copy of my book, “True Vision 4 Success” online from, Barnes & Noble online, or directly from,

I sincerely wish you all True Happiness, and True Success in your life.

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    • We give a lot of focus to things that are irrelevant in our lives, so much so that they actually start ruling our existence. But there are ways in which we can stop them from toying with us. That is fear….


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