How to Staff Your Nonprofit Effectively and Effortlessly

staff your nonprofit

When you have a nonprofit in place, you want to make sure you staff it with the best executives possible. Nonprofit headhunters can assist you with the process. It will allow you to focus on other aspects of your nonprofit while making sure that you have capable individuals handling the search.

Staff Your Nonprofit: Identify the Roles

You need to identify the different roles you are trying to hire four. This could be a CEO, a CFO, a marketing director, and a number of different positions. Once you establish the role, provide a brief description of what they will be responsible for. This will allow nonprofit headhunters to determine what kind of person is best for the position. It will also help you train the person once they are on board.

Staff Your Nonprofit: Determine Desired Characteristics

In addition to what a person is capable of doing, you will want to determine desired characteristics. Some of these will be based on the type of role you expect them to take. For example, a marketing director should be outgoing, organized, and willing to take risks. You may want to consider having candidates complete a behavioral profile online. This will give you a better idea as to who they are and how they will react in certain situations.

Staff Your Nonprofit: Establish Interview Questions

You should also establish interview questions. Whether you work with a headhunter or not, you will get final say over who ends up working with your nonprofit. Interview questions will allow you to get in-depth information. You should always focus on asking open-ended questions so that people talk a little bit more about themselves and various scenarios they may have been involved in.

Your nonprofit will succeed when you have the right individuals in place. If you don’t have the time to staff your nonprofit on your own, there are headhunters who will assist with the process.


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