Socially Behaving Badly: Social Media Etiquette Mistakes

Social Media Etiquette

It seems as if everyone loves to use social media, but some people simply don’t know how to use it correctly. Just because sites like Facebook and Twitter are an open forum that allow you to share what’s on your mind doesn’t mean that you can say and act however you want. Though there may not be a set of rules, there are unwritten social etiquette rules that you should follow.


 Nobody Wants to See Your Half-Naked Photos

That’s great that you spent two hours posing in your gross bathroom to take a half-naked picture of yourself, but keep it to yourself. It doesn’t make you look “hot” or “attractive”, it makes you look trashy. Plus, everyone knows that you’re only posting those pictures so that you’ll earn compliments and attention.

Don’t Talk about how Awful Your Life is

Everyone will go through their bout of unfortunate, but social media is not the time or place to whine about it. Just like the person taking half naked photos, your complaining is a cry for attention. Instead of spending time on social media complaining about your life, get up and change it.

Nobody Wants You to Air Your Dirty Laundry

Families and friends are going to have their arguments, but these arguments should stay within the family and should never make their way onto social media. Do not tell your Facebook friends or your Twitter followers why you and your sister are not talking or how your great aunt hurt your feelings or whatever other drama is unfolding in your family.

Don’t Openly Discuss Other Peoples’ Business

You will hear through the grapevine that someone has been in a car accident, or that someone is pregnant, or that someone is getting foreclosed on, and you absolutely should not turn to social media to discuss this. You should never put your own post out there, and you should never use social media to talk to someone else about it and make it public. If the individual with the news to share feels the need to share it, let them do it.

Nobody Wants to Hear Details of Your Medical Procedure

If you’re going to the hospital to have a procedure done, keep it to yourself. Nobody wants to hear intimate details of what is wrong with you or what you need done or a step by step process of what you’re doing. For example, if you’re going into labor, you do not need to update your status with information on how far you’re dilated.

Watch what You Post About Death

Death is another thing you need to avoid on social media. If you want to share your condolences with someone after the loss of their loved one, you should opt to send a sympathy card instead of posting on their Facebook wall or Twitter feed. Family needs time to mourn, and you should respect the family’s right to mourn in private.

There are certain ways to act and certain things to share on social media. You need to make sure that you are still using basic etiquette when it comes to social media. This will ensure that you’re not offending anyone or that you’re simply not annoying your friends or followers with your inappropriate behavior.

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