A Step by Step Approach to Use Snail Mail

snail mail

The internet has brought about so many changes in our everyday life like improving dissemination of information and providing more convenient forms of communication like email services. On the other hand, it has also threatened the existence of traditional forms of communication like snail mail. But there are things which keep traditional mail relevant like when it comes to sending tangible items. The only problem now is that individuals may no longer be too familiar with mailing items especially those born in the internet era. Whether you are sending packages for personal purposes or as part of your business, here’s how you send mail:

What Are You Mailing?

No, you cannot mail everything. There are certain guidelines which you have to abide by when sending hazardous and perishable materials. The post office also has a list of restricted materials which you cannot send through mail. At the same time, there can be items which are too small or too big to be mailed, and the shape of your packages also matter. Check with your local post office or your freight provider to find out their mailing rules.

How Should You Pack Your Mail?

The USPS segregates mail according to postcards, letters, large envelopes and parcels. Large envelopes, also known as “flats”, can accommodate documents and small, generally thin and non-bulky items. On the other hand, parcels are those that do not fall under the three other categories with the maximum weight of parcels being 70 pounds according to the USPS.

Packaging material is crucial when sending items through the mail. The strength of the material you use will determine if your package will reach its destination intact or with a couple of rips here and there. It’s also important to seal packages well since you do not want accidental leaks. A self-sealing mailing bag is often an effective choice.

How Do You Address Mail?

Another important part of mailing packages is addressing your mail properly. The delivery address should include the name of the recipient, the company if applicable, the delivery address, and the city, state and zip code written on the first, second, third and fourth lines, respectively. Everything should be written legible, using black ink against a white or light colored background, and using all capital letters. A return address is also helpful especially in cases when your mail is undeliverable since it can just be returned. Just purchase your stamps and head to the local post office or to your freight provider of choice.

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