How to Market Your Small Business Website

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Spending countless hours developing your small business website is only part of the battle. After you have decided what product or service you are going to sell and hired a company to design the site, you will then need to properly market your site to the masses. This has been the downfall of many otherwise promising websites. It is important for you to understand that no matter how great your inventory is, how cool your site is and how friendly your customer service is, if people never hear about your site, your business will be over before it ever begins. So how do you get the word out about your business? How can you show the general public all of the hard work you have done? Now you will learn where to market your website.


Promote your URL

If you already have a regular business up and running, but you are adding a website to supplement it, you should have your website’s URL placed on all of your company’s stationary and business cards. Also, when you send out packages, your URL should be located on every box so it will be impossible for anyone to miss it. You can also add your site’s URL to the bottom of all of your emails. Every little bit of promotion helps, no matter how small it is.

Leave Comments on Sites

You want to attract people to your site who are interested in the things that you are trying to sell. One of the best ways to do that is to go to a site such as YouTube and search for videos that pertain to a product or service that you offer. Leave some comments, with a link to your small business website, that explain your products so that anyone who watches that video in the future can read it. You can also send some direct messages to people who previously left comments on the video to see if you can drum up sales that way.

Tweet about Your Small Business Website

By now, you should definitely have a Twitter account. If you do not have one, what planet have you been living on? Twitter is one of the best web marketing tools you can use to promote your site to millions of people. It is also completely free. If you take some time and work with Twitter to build up a lot of followers, it will translate into increased sales for your business.

Get Listed on Google Local

Another sure fire way for small businesses is to invest in local targeting via Google. Make sure your small business is listed and that it is verified on Google Places. Create your Google+ page and make friends with local businesses in your area. Following them and they will mostly follow you back. Create effective social media campaigns to spread the word about your small business.

The truth is the less you invest in online advertising the less results you will see. Online marketing is a specialized field that requires insight in many different areas of the marketing arena. Get yourself a well-qualified marketing person that knows all the ins-and-outs of online marketing before embarking on an online marketing campaign for your small business website.

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