Small Business Entrepreneurs Must Take Notice of the Latest Trends


Small Business

I visited three very interesting blogs today. They all have a specific message why all small business entrepreneurs must take notice of the latest small business trends:

Each with their distinct message
Each with a positive message
Each with a message that is worth heeding to
Each with a lesson to learn

Yes, even in the picture we are getting the message. I translate it to my own personal view.

Business isn’t about waiting for the right opportunity…

It’s about learning to take the bull by the horns and make things happen.

Business Gateway
In today’s difficult economic climate Seth Godin’s advice is: “Small slices can’t be free in the long run, not if that’s the only kind of slice there is. Either you need to figure out how to sell your small slices, or you need to invent some big slices that are obviously worth what you need to sell them for.”

“The future of business comes down to one word…change. This is our time to make business relevant. Because people, after all, are everything.” This is the advice of Brian Solis

About the book,  “Reverse Innovation”  Ivana Taylor says: “One big reason for digging into this rather academic and intellectual book is to get a glimpse into the trends that will be hitting your Small Business in the next few years.”

So fellow Small Business Entrepreneurs buckle down, keep up with the latest trends and ensure you take your Small Business to the next level of success.

Small Business



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