3 Important Issues About A New Office Phone System

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Recently, we decided to update our office phone system. What a disaster! I have some tips to share about purchasing an office phone system. We believed we did sufficient research to make this a simple purchase and installation. To our disgust, we found out later that we really did have not an inkling about buying a new office phone system. This, wouldn’t be so bad, if the preferred distributor did not refuse any after sale customer service. We ended up contacting another distributor in order to get our new phone system functioning properly.

Initially, and let me underline this; always contact the supplier before the purchase. Visit them a few times and see how they handle their other customers. An office phone system can be very complicated, and therefore, you need a reliable and professional dealer. Especially, make sure that customer service is a priority.

Second, always go with a vendor that has more than one option for office phone systems. We found afterward that there were office phone systems that would have served our own specific needs better. Additionally, they also cost less than the phones we went with.

Third, always think about match up. We thought that simply because we had bought the same make of phone, that we can simply switch the brand new ones for the outdated ones and that the line equipment will be okay. We did ask the dealer beforehand if there will be any compatibility issues and were told, “it should be fine”. That should have set off the red flag. However, one likes to believe that someone marketing phones might understand a thing or two about them.

Ultimately, do thorough research on price comparisons. We went with the initial supplier because he was the cheapest regarding three that we had looked at. Three was nowhere near enough. We learned afterward that the vendor we contacted for help had identical phones for cheaper. He probably also would have pointed us in the right direction of what we really needed, and definitely supplied proper customer care.

In short, buying a new office telephone system, whether you have five lines or perhaps five hundred, is a big investment. Follow the steps that we did not, and you’ll save a lot of time, money and stress. You will be glad you did.

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