Consider Less if You Want More Business

Business Email Marketing

Every business wants more business and every business is struggling trying to gain an edge and get even more business in these challenging economic times. Sales are down compared to last year, customer footfall traffic is down and fears of deepening recession are global but some businesses are literally booming and doing more business with less – so how is that possible?

Have you ever considered less if you want more business? Well it is possible if you start by examining what you want to get and how you propose to get it. Take for example the proposition that consumers are generally spending less and expecting more – that means that as a business you have to make deep cuts to the cost of creating the goods that you ultimately sell to the consumer or using the dreaded tactic of discounting your already deeply discounted products or does it?

Well before you run out and cut your throat in desperation remember that someone somewhere will be willing to buy your product at the price that you want to get for it and that same consumer will be really happy with their purchase and will buy from you again at the price that you dictate.

OK, so how is this possible and what is the magic wand that you are going to wave to make this happen? – It’s called less is more email marketing. Instead of trying to sell your product to hundreds or thousands of consumers who are already price shopping and comparison shopping for the cheapest possible price – you are going to start marketing your product to less consumers – a smaller number who are really interested in what you have to sell.

This is done by defining who the customer is and targeting them directly with a succinct email marketing message that is highly relevant to what they really need and will buy. Instead of thinking that the more people I send to the more will buy start thinking less, a defined consumer who is expecting to receive your message is much more likely to respond than a total stranger who does not know you.


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