How to Get People Involved in Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is a way to get your product or service closer to your customers. This might seem a bit simple, but this is the primary goal. There is a lot more to the art of marketing than that, but the fact that it has gotten so complex and analytical makes marketers lose focus of its true purpose.

The main problem in my opinion is the overt reliance on a statistical analysis of general trends, popularity of subjects and a redundant analysis of peoples’ taste.

A lot of marketing campaigns focus on mathematically and statistically analyzing extensive data, gathered from market research and that’s OK. What marketers do is they basically go around asking their target audience what they like and create a marketing campaign based on the feedback. The problem with this tactic is that people don’t always know what they want, especially when they are answering stupid questions. I’m not saying you should disregard market research but try to keep things as human as possible. It is funny how businessmen tend to get detached from their customers and start to observe them as a strange and timid race that is hard to please, when in reality all you need to do is motivate them in a genuinely human way.

Connecting the Dots for Effective Campaigns

No matter what type of product or service you may be offering, it can always be connected to something that is interesting to the general public. Finding a way to incorporate your products and services into a theme or an event that people are fond of is something that every effective marketing campaign is based upon. These things don’t really have to have anything in common, but it is important that they don’t exclude each other. For example, you can’t really be a part of a green campaign if you are let’s say, a plastic bag manufacturer. That makes no sense and will be viewed as a hypocritical move by your audience and you will receive a lot of criticism. A great example is Coca Cola’s recent attempt to appeal to the health and fitness movement, while doing very little in the way of actually changing their signature high-calorie sugary drink. If you avoid these kinds of paradoxical moves you should be fine. Of course, a positive synergy between the theme of the campaign and what you do is something that will achieve better results and be more memorable for the customers.

Emotion Provoking Marketing Campaigns

A good ad or a good all-around marketing campaign will always provoke some kind of emotion with the viewer or participant. A strong emotional reaction, be it happiness, astonishment, awe, rage or something else entirely will always be remembered. This is why we always remember the most annoying commercials. We even talk about them with our friends and discus how annoying they are! While I wouldn’t recommend trying to annoy your target audience in order to get their attention because it can have negative drawbacks, I will most certainly recommend provocation and trying to get them involved. Sparking a bit of controversy by touching on hot social topics or appealing to a gentler and more empathic side of your audience can be every bit as effective as making them laugh.

Sticky Marketing Campaigns

Half measures aren’t going to cut it if you want to do things right. If you want to promote yourself with a party, you better make sure that you throw one hell of a party. If you want to give away free stuff, don’t give them something they can’t use or something that will break easily. Promotional products do their job if they are kept by the customer, otherwise they go from being useful marketing tools to being junk. You want people to remember your marketing campaign and you want them to remember how good it was. This kind of positive association can do a lot of good for you and your business but it needs to be done right. A bunch of trinkets with your logo on them don’t really carry any weight unless they are a memento – something that helps people remember a fun event they were proud to be a part of. In short, you need to develop a sentimental bond with your target audience and give them a cool and useful souvenir they will be reluctant to throw away.

Respecting the Customers

Marketing campaigns are sometimes very aggressive and this is OK in cases when the whole thing is engaging and fun. If you force people to participate in something that will leave them with a feeling that you have wasted their time you will not get the results you were aiming for – quite the opposite. The whole point is to make the customers come to you, not to run away from you. If consumers have an unpleasant experience with your style of marketing, you will have problems engaging them in any future marketing campaigns, regardless of their quality.

Creating strong memories that last but are connected to your brand yield much better results than regular everyday marketing campaigns that people just kind of space out on. You want to create an impact. Being ignored is never a good option.

Author Bio: Ivan Dimitrijevic is an Online Marketing Specialists and an avid blogger with years of experience and plenty of great content to his name. He enjoys writing about Marketing Strategies, both online and offline, particularly those related to getting a small business up on its feet. Ivan likes to share what he has learned over the years and is always looking for fresh information and innovative ways of bridging the gap between a company and their clients.

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