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Running a small business is more exciting than launching an online business or managing a giant corporation. This is because you are immersed within the very heart of the community where you get to meet people—customers, prospects and competition. Small business entrepreneurs need always to be on their toes and spot trends, or better yet, make them. The ability to come up with unique local marketing strategies are contingent upon the entrepreneur’s creativity. For those who are short of inspiration, here a few suggestions:

Contest, Draw or Raffle

It’s simple: people love contests because they love the idea that they can win prizes. This is why one of the best ways to attract more consumers to your store is to launch a new contest or raffle. In order for them to enter the contest, ask them to provide not just their names and telephone numbers but also their emails so that you can send them future promotions as well.

As for the prize, it does not have to be something extra expensive as long as it is helpful and it stands out. You can even use the contest to not just increase foot traffic to your store but also to introduce a new product which has just hit your shelves. As for the judging or the drawing of the names, pick out local personalities and make sure that the local media is there to cover the entire event.

It’s also good if you provide prizes for the runners up and a few of the participants. These prizes can be something as simple as t-shirts or baseball caps with your logo printed on it.

Throw a Fundraiser

Have you ever heard of the saying “giving is better than receiving”? By hosting a fundraiser for a local charity, you may be giving back but you’re going to reap the rewards in the end as well. Although you might not be able to profit much out of hosting a fundraiser, the benefit which you’ll get at the end is that your small business gains much needed exposure. Again, ask the local media to cover the entire event.

There are a number of ways to throw a fundraiser. You can organize a car wash in your parking lot; schedule a tree planting activity which will help the city town beautifying project or maybe a food drive which will directly support your local soup kitchen. By hosting a fundraiser, customers and prospects will see your business as a generous local organization making them more likely to choose your business over your competition.


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