Is Social Media Marketing a Key Driver for Business Growth?


In a new survey, business leaders indicated technology as a key driver for business growth. Traditionally, labor and capital was the front runners on the business growth scene, not so any more. Technology, as a key driver for business growth, and particular social media can make or break business success in the next three years.

Small business owners are steadily accepted that the key to success lies in customer loyalty and retention. However if they want to embark on, and utilize social media marketing methods for branding and growth purposes they need to take note of two major changes on social media scene.

key driver for business growth

Key Driver for Business Growth|Facebook Marketing

Facebook continues to be one of the most powerful and fastest growing social networks out there. The company is fast reaching the billion user mark, and this is bringing along a certain level of hype. The power of Facebook is bringing about an influx of small businesses to the social network, but being a small business owner and not a social media marketing expert they might not appreciate the power of this specialized marketing opportunity. Even bigger businesses are feeling the pressure to devise an unique social media marketing strategy to allow them to capitalize on the growth as well.

The growth of Facebook is just one big event that can be expected to continue during 2012. Other social networks are also continuing to grow and thus small businesses may get lost as they are not knowledgeable about how to take advantage of this. Therefore it is essential to have a good social media marketing strategy or consultant to incorporate all these exciting new marketing trends. Any major social network that is expected to see growth in 2012 can be properly capitalized on in order to spread brand awareness.

Key Driver for Business Growth|YouTube

Seeing as Google owns YouTube they are focusing on adding social dimensions to the site. The old comment approach is not effective anymore. So what can be expected in 2012 is a blend of Google+ and YouTube. The goal is to change the overall experience from one that is considered passive to one that is more social. Not only is this going to make YouTube more of a force, but it is going to provide a lot of opportunities to those who know how to use it.

Social media and business are becoming one in the same. There are several social media marketing tools that can help a business to take advantage of the opportunities presenting themselves. Your business can hire social media optimization services for help if you really want to be sure you do not miss out on anything. A business owner cannot be expected to run a business and keep up with the latest changes in the world of social media that might impact them.

YouTube has already made changes that make it look very similar to a social networking website. The goal now is to not just look at videos while on the website. The goal is to have fun, engage with other users, and interact in different ways. Using a social media manager will help a business to have the required activity for their videos to go viral on the website. Specific tactics and methods have to be used in order for a video to go viral.

These two major changes are important, and must be considered if you are thinking of using social media marketing as a key driver for business growth.

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