Keeping Employees Healthy and Safe from Winter Germs

keeping employees healthy

The cold and flu season in the United States typically coincides with the start and end of winter. During the warmer months, you spend more time outside in the fresh air and sunshine, which can make you feel healthier. Once the temperature starts falling though, you’ll spend more time inside in the heat with the windows closed, which limits your access to fresh air and sunshine. To keep your employees and yourself safe from the germs that linger around your workplace, you can make a few simple changes.

Use Clean Filters

Those working for and around you can become sick during the long winter because you never took the time to change out the filters in your HVAC system. These filters can clog with debris and send germs and bacteria spiraling through the air. Employees can then pick up those germs, carry them to other workers and even take germs home with them. Whether your office uses Donaldson filtration systems or another type of system, you can either change the filter yourself or hire a maintenance professional to change the filter for you.

Offer Free Training

Offering free training lets you show employees you care about keeping them healthy and how they should act during cold and flu season and what steps they can take to stay healthy and avoid germs. You might contact a local hospital and ask about having a doctor or nurse come in to talk to workers, but you can also search the web for videos that you can share with those employees. Set aside an hour for a meeting that all workers must attend. Go over how they can clean their work areas, the best ways to wash their hands and other things that they can share with their families.

Set an Example

Have you ever worked with a manager who constantly told you to work harder while taking long lunch breaks and napping in his or her office? Employees tend to follow the example that others set and are more likely to act in poor ways if they see managers acting the same way. Setting an example means doing simple things like coughing into your armpit, cleaning your computer keyboard and phone and using antibacterial hand sanitizer regularly. Showing and telling your employees how to act and changing your filters can keep employees healthy and safe from the germs spreading across the office during cold and flu season.


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