5 Tips Guaranteed to Improve Employee Efficiency

employee efficiency

Modern business is all about efficiency, especially employee efficiency. It is vital to ensure that employees are utilizing their full potential to be productive. Increasing employee efficiency has been one of the biggest mysteries of the corporate world. Everyone has their own methods and techniques of improving efficiency by targeting certain psychological aspects, such as fear, lust for reward, etc. However, while these theories sound great on paper, they fail to materialize as success stories. The key reason for this is that most of these methods are too general and every employee is affected differently by them. In some cases, the best laid plans end up backfiring and reducing productivity. Here are 5 tips that are guaranteed to improve employee efficiency:

Employee Efficiency|Trained Managers

Companies end up spending millions on human resource programs, without realizing that the employee-manager relationship is the most important one in a person’s corporate life. The way a manager deals with his employees greatly affects their confidence levels and thus, their efficiency. Most companies simply train managers about basic man-management skills and deem it sufficient. However, to properly train any manager, it is necessary to teach them about their influence on employee productivity and how they can contribute to get the maximum out of an employee.

Employee Efficiency|Listen

When companies talk about clear and open communication channels, they are mostly talking about how no mistakes or misunderstandings are made when orders are being issued. The mark of a good company is not just how it communicates with its employees, but also how willing it is to hear things back. If your goal is to increase employee efficiency, it is only natural that you should listen to what the employees have to say.

Employee Efficiency|Be Realistic

It is good to be ambitious. A company without ambition does not inspire confidence in its employees. However, it is more important to be realistic. Anyone can aim to achieve high goals, but only practical people set realistic ones. When faced with an achievable target, an employee is more likely to perk up and give it their absolute best. Unrealistic targets only serve as deterrents.

Employee Efficiency|Perks

Traditionally, companies motivate employees by offering rewards for excellence in the workplace. However, this method works only on a small percentage of the workforce. Research has shown that happy employees are more motivated to work efficiently than those strictly looking for recognition. Employees do not merely want a salary; they want a good working environment and perks. Be good to all your employees in terms of perks and they will be good back to you.

Employee Efficiency|Second Opinion

If you stare at something too closely, you often miss the big picture. In such cases, it is better to have an outsider’s opinion. Hire external experts to analyze employee efficiency and you will be surprised to find that their results highlight certain issues that can be missed in the internal audits.

Companies realize that taking care of an employee’s interests is in the best interest of the company. Every year, we find that the companies voted as the most employee-friendly are those which adopt a mix of traditional and modern employee-management techniques. The 5 methods mentioned here should help a company get on the right path to improve employee efficiency.

This guest post is written by Ben Thomas. He is a business analyst trying to give some tips and tricks with the help of his posts.  He recently came across a website 8ws.org which helps him manage many of his business related functions.


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