How to Boost Mattress Sales with Social Media Strategies

social media strategies

There are many mattress companies in the market, but how can your company reach out to more consumers and land more deals sales effectively? The answer is to create effective social media strategies. One of the best ways to increase mattress sales is to use social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These media websites can help you market your mattresses in your area – even around the world – without the costly fees. If you want to try this tactic out, here are some tips that can help you boost mattress sales with the help of social media.

Social Media Strategies|Facebook

Millions of people log on to Facebook every day, that’s why it’s imperative that you create a Facebook fan page for your mattress company. Encourage fans to like your page and post status updates, images and videos that promote your mattresses. Convey to your fans why they’re the better choice for sleeping. Promote better interaction by asking fans to join Facebook contests in exchange of discount coupons and raffle prizes.

Social Media Strategies|Twitter

As the king of micro blogging, Twitter can help you promote your products in less than 140 words. Your Tweets should include write-ups that highlight your company or the mattresses that you sell. Make sure to add a ‘call to action’ to your Tweets and emphasize that you sell that fine mattress in your store. You can also utilize Twitter to follow individuals that fit your target audience. From there you can create a business plan.

Social Media Strategies|YouTube

Every day, millions of people visit YouTube to watch homemade videos or music videos of their favorite artists. With YouTube, you have the opportunity to make your video viral – which can mean better sales for your mattress company. In your YouTube account, make sure to upload the benefits of the mattresses you sell, and why they’re the best in the district. Again, don’t forget to include in your video that the mattress can be purchased from your store.

Social Media Strategies|FourSquare

You can boost your mattress sales with FourSquare by encouraging “check-ins.” With Foursquare, you can reward the “mayor” of your city – meaning the person who frequents your establishment the most – with markdowns and special perks. For a wider coverage, you can also offer discounts for those who use FourSquare at your mattress store. Spread the word: “more check-ins, bigger discounts.”

Social Media Strategies|Blog

Blog sites such as Word Press and Tumblr can help increase visitor traffic in your website – which in turn can lead to better sales. For your blog site, you don’t have to write about your company alone. It’s best if you create articles that can help your consumers, such as how to choose the best mattress, how to clean a mattress, and how to avail of an inexpensive, high-quality mattress. Blogs can benefit from video materials as well. For better sales, encourage your blog readers to sign-up for your e-mail newsletter to get the heads up on your discounts and promotions.

Because social media networks are used by many people from all around the globe, they have become great avenues for promotion and selling. Although managing these accounts can take some time, you will definitely enjoy the fruits of your labor. Just remember to follow these social media strategies and you can boost your mattress’ sales in just a few weeks’ time.


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