7 Ways To Get More Out Of Employees

get more out of employees

The most important asset your business has is the wonderful employees, but to be efficient every business must get more out of their employees. Without the work, they continually do every single day you would not have the success you do. If you want to keep it that way you must do your best to make sure the employees love working there. I’m sure you know it’s not as easy as paying them good money. Pay someone anything you want, but if they don’t enjoy being there it will affect the work they produce. Here are some easy, cheap ways to keep everyone loving coming into work.

Get More Out of Employees|Play Music

It’s surprising how many places still don’t let their employees play music while they work. This is the 21st century and I don’t know what your feelings were before, but listening to some music is a great way to be more productive. It also lets people tap into much more creativity. This doesn’t happen in an office environment that is more like a funeral home. Obviously, it doesn’t need to be full-blast heavy metal. Just something that raises spirits.

Get More Out of Employees|Organize parties

Now, this doesn’t necessarily need to be every week, but at the same time, it’s a shame to only reserve it for Christmas. Most of your employees will probably go home after work and have no way of socializing with their fellow employees. If you have a work party at the end of each month people will get to know each other better. This means they will work a lot better together, all because of a few casual beers.

Get More Out of Employees|Dress Code

Some companies are catching on. They know some people don’t like to wear suits every day and would rather work in clothes they feel more comfortable in. There really isn’t any need to wear suits if your employees don’t even meet clients. If you’re a bit old-school and this seems criminal, then why don’t you let people wear what they like on a Friday?

Get More Out of Employees|Flexi-Time

If you’re not using flexi-time you should definitely give it some consideration. You probably have certain times when someone needs to be in the office and that’s great, but you can just have a skeleton shift that can cover these certain times. When people come in when they want it is going to make them much happier. If they are not feeling great one day they can go home early, but if they feel like they are on a mission they can stay much later.

Get More Out of Employees|Day Off

If you start giving people days off all the time it’s going to be costing you lots of money. But not if you have flexi-time. People could work longer over the month and you could maybe allow them to take one day off per month with the time they have accumulated. People get an extra 12 days off per year and it won’t even cost you anything.

Get More Out of Employees|Personalized Workspace

You want people to feel comfortable with their individual workstations. If they can come in every morning and come face to face with pictures of their family it’s going to make them feel great. It’s going to make them feel at home. When someone sits down at a bare desk with piles of folders they are going to feel like they’re at work. They are, but work can be a happier place if they decorate their own desk in a style they choose.

Get More Out of Employees|Mentor

It’s always good to have someone to turn around to and ask questions, yet maybe they won’t feel comfortable doing this because it might make them feel inferior. If someone has a special person that’s designated to be their mentor it’s more like they are asking for advice rather than being told what to do. This will make them improve much faster and benefit your company in the long run.

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