Designing an Exciting Powerpoint Presentation

An easy way to put ten people to sleep at the same time is to whip out a boring Powerpoint presentation in a meeting. Slide presentations can help the presenter to deliver information in an easy to understand visual format, but all too often, presenters make mistakes that turn their work into a yawn fest. By following a few tips, you can create presentations that won’t bore your audience to tears.

Choosing Photos for Your Powerpoint Presentation

Using stock photos that are overdone, cheesy or cliche will kill your audience’s attention spans. Using stock photography may seem like the best way to go, but many of the images are downright boring. Look for photos that show depth, intense color or motion. This will keep your audience awake and help them to keep their focus.

Find the Right Font

If your Powerpoint presentation is about a serious topic, don’t use Comic Sans for your presentation. Typography works well with solid colored backgrounds and can give your work a look of professionalism. You can also hire a graphic design company or one that does Powerpoint slide design if you want to enjoy a clean layout and professional design.

Don’t Go Overboard With Animation

Having words flying in from all directions, dissolving and reappearing and spinning in circles may seem like a good idea when designing your Powerpoint presentation. Take a cue from the experts. Don’t do it. It will just annoy your audience. If you must use animations, limit them to one per slide and don’t include them on each slide. The key is that you want the audience to remember the content, not the bells and whistles. Using too many of these animations cheapens your work and makes your presentation look unprofessional.

Make Your Text Readable

Lets assume you have found the right picture with the best blend of colors that pop and will wow your audience. What can possibly go wrong? For one thing, if the colors in the photo clash with the font colors, your audience will not be able to read your text. One way to avoid this is to create a solid colored bar and place your text on top of it. Be sure to view your presentation and let others view it before your meeting. This will help you to gauge what your audience will see.

Don’t bore your audience with a boring presentation. Find the best company to design a killer presentation for your next small business meeting today.

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