5 Effective Team Building Activities for Your Customer Service Team

customer service team

The customer service team is one of the most vital components to any business. With the customer service team, businesses can easily help their clients immediately and represent their company through customer service. Great customer service is one of the top aspects clients always look for in a business they’re planning to invest in. In order to keep your team on their toes and in tiptop shape, these five effective team building activities can enhance your team’s performance!


Whether you’re sitting at a table, in a circle of chairs or standing in a line, the game “Telephone” can start by the person chose to begin the game. You can say one sentence and pass it along to the next person by whispering in their ear. Once the last person has received the message, they must tell the others what they heard. You may be surprised by what you hear at the end! This team building activity can bring awareness to how listening and communicating are very crucial points in customer service. It can also lead to discussions on how to improve communication and listening skills as well!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Bring excitement and energy into the customer service team by playing a lively game of photo scavenger hunt! Split your team up into small groups — no more than four people — and hand them a list of items to take pictures of, such as “something delicious” or “a lady with a black suit”. Heighten the intensity and anticipation of this scavenger hunt and set a time limit. This is a fun and fabulous way to get your team to build bonds among each other, and have an enjoyable time with each other. Make sure to include a prize at the end for more competition.

Survival Scenario

It’s no secret that communication is the top component to success in a customer relations team. With this survivor game, your team will be split up into small groups, and learn to get along with each other. Tell your groups that there is a lifeboat that fits every person in a group plus twelve items. The groups can now work together to decide what items can be brought with them in the lifeboat and what position each person takes.

Stereotype Labels Game

Write different stereotypes onto labels and get your team members to pick one to stick on a person’s back that best fits the personality type. After sticking on the labels, each person can ask yes or no questions that others answer. Participants can also ask the labeled person speaking questions as well to help them figure out what stereotype they are. With this exercise, you can break the ice easily with laughter, and clear the air of general stereotypes.

Fitness Fun

It’s well known that exercise provides enormous amounts of endorphin. Add exercise into your workplace, and you can build your customer serviceteam by setting certain times for yoga classes, nature walks, marathons, and many more health and fitness related events. Incorporating a weekly health event can build your team’s bond and energize team spirit, which overflows into the customer service area!

After you’ve begun fun and refreshing team building activities, you can contact a customer satisfaction survey company to create a survey for your customers to take and see the results of your team building efforts!

What do you think of these team building activities? Do you think it is easy to implement? We would love to hear about your team building activities!

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Jennie is a customer service consultant and author. She recommends Mindshare Technologies to businesses interested in improving their customer satisfaction rates. The Mindshare Platform captures, analyzes, and then reports experiential information in a format that is easy for your organization to understand and act upon.

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  1. Hehehe. used to play telephone games all the time. was a lot of fun for me i must say especially as a kid when we went camping. good stuff here. Exercise is always refreshing and painful too. thanks for the info.


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