Cost Cutting Measures For Small Businesses To Build An Emergency Fund


Small business owners must take notice of different cost cutting measures even if their small businesses are doing good. The good stream of luck you are on might not last forever. You don’t want to be like some of these other companies that suddenly starts losing control and goes under faster than a lead balloon. All of a sudden your life can be ripped apart if you are not careful. You need money tucked away for a rainy day just incase anything drastic was to happen. The world of business is sometimes funny. You don’t know what is around the corner.

cost cutting measuresIf you want to start saving money you need to start putting the following cost cutting measures into effect. When you start building an emergency fund for your small business you will feel a lot more excited about life. You are not living on the edge anymore. This doesn’t just apply to companies that are going through struggle. Unless you’re big enough that you’re invincible there should always be a certain level of safety factored into the way you run your finances. Look at these quick tips to get your finances under control and see what you can start implementing today.

Cost Cutting Measures|Sort Out Your Marketing

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule. In relation to marketing, it means that 20% of your marketing endeavors are bringing in 80% of the profits. All that extra money you are spending is a complete waste. You need to just concentrate on the campaigns that are bringing in the most profit. Maybe you haven’t even sat down and looked at it in detail before. You could take the money you spend on the less effective campaigns and put it all behind the successful ones. That means you will earn more and be able to save more.

Cost Cutting Measures|Second-Hand Stuff

You don’t need to run out and buy brand new equipment whenever you need anything. The best thing you can do is look for great second-hand deals. Why do you need all the newest stuff anyway? You don’t. I could understand if it was something you used personally, but if it’s just a photocopier for the employees all they will want is something that works.

Cost Cutting Measures|Staff

Maybe you have certain positions where you don’t need a specialist employee every day. If this is the case they will either be doing nothing when it’s quiet, or helping out with things they don’t need to be doing. Think about looking into hiring a contractor for the position. Someone who only comes in when you have something on. During the quieter times they can be offering their services to someone else and saving you money.

Cost Cutting Measures|Little Things

How many times have you walked into the office in the morning and the lights have been left on? It’s little things like this that can suck all the money out of your small business. The gas and electrics can add up to quite a bit. Count up all the little things at the end of the month and you will probably be quite shocked by what you find. Start cutting out as much as you can.

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