Corporate Wellness Program: 5 Easy Ideas to Kickstart Your Program


Many companies today are very interested in starting a corporate wellness program for their employees, but many companies don’t know where to start.

Creating a detailed and large-scale corporate wellness plan takes a great deal of planning, and many companies don’t have the time and resources to create one. But just because you don’t have the time or resources to create a detailed wellness plan does not mean that your company cannot make small changes around the workplace to elicit better overall health and wellness.

If you don’t have the time or resources to put a gym inside your building or provide your employees with insurance premium discounts, don’t worry—you can still implement the following five easy wellness ideas.

corporate wellness programs

Corporate Wellness Program|Vending Machines

Call the supplier of your vending machines and find out if you can replace your candy bars with a healthier snack item. As long as you still keep their machine in your building, most vendors will allow you to choose healthier options. Making this small switch will get your employees eating healthier, even when it comes down to snacking.

Corporate Wellness Program|Supply Healthy Gifts

To encourage your employees to exercise or remain healthy, give them gifts that relate to exercise and overall health. For example, pass out water bottles to your employees that they can use while exercising. Plus, many employees will use this to start drinking more water instead of juice or pop while at the office. You can also look into providing your employees with pedometers, hand sanitizer, boxes of tissue or iPod/iPhone armbands, all of which promote health and wellness.

Corporate Wellness Program|Call in the Doctor

Get a local doctor (or doctors) to come into your office one day and provide free health screenings to your employees or provide them with current vaccinations against disease, such as the flu. Many employees will take advantage of this because it saves them from having to schedule a doctor’s appointment and pay their co-pay.

If you cannot get a doctor to come into your office, allow your employees to receive paid time off to visit the doctor for a health screening or vaccination. If your employee doesn’t have to worry about being docked pay to visit the doctor, they’ll be more inclined to do so. Just make sure that you receive proof that they had the appointment.

Corporate Wellness Program|Create a Sports Team

Call up your local park district and find out about sports leagues that are starting in the area, and then ask your employees to get a team together to compete in one of the leagues. Not only is this a great way to get your employees active, but it also promotes teamwork outside the office.

Corporate Wellness Program|Start a Weight Loss Program.

Companies like Weight Watchers will come in to your office every week and hold a meeting and check up with people interested in using their service. If you can get a group of employees to participate in this group, they’ll be working together with others in the office to reach their goals and will be more successful.

These simple tips are the perfect starting point for any wellness program, so if you don’t have the time to create an in-depth plan, use these tips to start an easy wellness plan that doesn’t require much planning and organizing.

Margot Smith is an HR professional and avid writer. Her field of expertise is the design and implementation of health and wellness programs for employees.

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