Corporate Sponsorship for Small Business: An Introduction

small business

1Small Business|Benefits from Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship is becoming an increasingly popular form of marketing for small and medium-sized businesses, and because of the widespread use of the Internet and social media, even small community events have the potential to reach a wider audience. In short, the definition of corporate sponsorship is when companies offer their time and money to be associated with a certain event. However, from a marketing perspective, it offers much more for small businesses.

In the past, corporate sponsorship could only be afforded by massive firms with big budgets, but today’s business environment allows smaller business to contribute too. Examples of corporate sponsorship by small businesses can be seen everywhere, from sponsoring sports team uniforms to participating in local cleanups. If done correctly, corporate sponsorship opportunities can effectively give a small business visibility, develop a company’s image, separate a company from competitors, market individual products and services, establish close relationships with the local community and ultimately complete against larger firms on the marketing field.




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