Thinking Strategically: How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

take business to next level

If you want to strategically position your business for growth, you have to find ways that keep pushing operations to the next level. Whether that’s reaching a broader audience or enhancing your reputation as an authority in your field, every organization has to assess its business model and find new ways to reach goals. Constantly […]

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Raise New Venture Capital The Smart Way

  The global economic outlook has had a major impact on most countries across the world. As most global companies look to offload their expenses, the craze for starting a business has also gone up significantly. Most of these ventures are small or medium ventures with limited capital inputs.   It is therefore optimally important […]

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Social Media Strategies in News Organizations – Masable Media Summit 2012

One should think News Organizations are in the forefront of using Social Media, but after watching this video I realized that even they are struggling with implementing effective social media strategies. While Mashable is in the forefront of using Social Media effectively some of the other participants are still struggling to convince some of the […]

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