Business Tips: How to Increase Productivity in Your Office

Business Tips: How to Increase Productivity

4 Business Tips to Stressless Productivity

There are productivity apps and tools that number in the thousands, and they all promise to help increase productivity and performance. From what I have seen, they all pretty much say the same thing and are full of impractical or new age advice. Below are listed four solid and easily applicable business tips. It will improve your productivity if you use them all at once and turn them into daily habits.

Prioritize and Delegate Your Other Tasks

Your primary focus should be to complete the most important tasks first. Take a personal inventory of everything you have to do and evaluate which tasks are trivial and which are pivotal. You need to set the trivial tasks to the side, and you should attempt to outsource them or delegate them to someone else if possible. This will allow you to add more time and attention to the most important aspects of your job and add value to your company and position.

Have Employees’ Email Notifications

It is not necessary to check your inbox every time you get an email notification. Constant alerts going off on your desktop and phone is bad for your focus, which will negatively impact your productivity. According to Alex Moore, it takes 64 seconds for a person to recover from having their concentration broken by an email. Alex Moore is a CEO at Boomerang for email productivity, so he knows what he is talking about. Have employees turn off their notifications and encourage them to check their emails in intervals.

Encourage Daily Goals

In a busy office, it can be difficult to keep track of everything you have to get done, so it helps for employees to compose their goals for the day. If they find that their focus is wavering, they can use their list to get back in line. It is best to write them down on something visible on a desk or the side of a computer screen, so they are constantly in a person’s field of vision. These goals should be written down the beginning of every shift.

Work with Functional Equipment

Nothing can drive away productivity more than not working with updated or dysfunctional equipment. Make sure that your employees are working with the most up to date computers, printers—such as those from West Coast Office Equipment—and other such appliances.

The four business tips above are common sense, but in a busy, stressful office, people tend to forget the easy things. Apply these business tips daily, and they will turn into a routine, without you even realizing you are using them. After they become part of your mindset, you will notice your days becoming more productive and less stressful.



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