Build Your Small Business with Google Apps


Your small business can definitely benefit from the use of Google Apps. This article is a great resource for an indepth overview on the various Google apps.

You will have a clear understanding on how to utilize it to build your small business.

It covers the following topics that even I didn’t knew about: Google Apps – free account, Google Apps for businesses that I recomend for small business owners and then there is the Google Apps for Business with Vault.

Well clearly I have some exploring to do. How about You? Did you knew about these features in the Google Apps account?

build your small business

Almost everyone knows Google as the search engine, but there is so much more to this mega internet company than just online searches.

A few services that millions of people use include Gmail (free email), Picasa (free photo editor and storage), and Google+ (Google’s social media site).

But did you know that you can build a website with your business’ domain name with Google Apps? And create documents that you can collaborate on with team members and save to Google’s cloud servers? You can, and this lens will show you how.

I’ll also cover others of Google’s apps that could benefit your business, ones that are not limited to Google Apps account users. So let’s get started!

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