Blog Commenting to Get Backlinks for Your Small Business Blog

get backlinks

In this tutorial, I want to share with you only one way to get backlinks for your small business blog. Obviously, there are many more ways to do this but the following method proved to me to be very easy and quick to do.

So let us begin…. Why would you want to do blog commenting and why would you want other people comment on your blog? Let’s be honest… it is no fun to write until you get blue in the face with no feedback. A personal blog is actually a journal where you pin down your own life experiences but a business blog is a tool to communicate with your readers.  If you therefore don’t get any response on your blog posts small business owners may feel they are wasting their time. However, let us look at the benefits of blogging and commenting.

get backlinks

What are the Benefits of Blogging?
What is a Backlink?
Why Does Your Small Business need Backlinks??
Why is Blog Commenting an Effective Back-Linking Tool?
Installation Instructions for CommentLuv on WordPress (self-hosted sites only)?
Installation Instructions for Blogger (this is a bit more complicated but follows along)
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What are the Benefits of Blogging?

  • Business blogging helps your business to rank in search engines.
  • When ranking in search engines, people are more likely to find your business when searching for your particular product.
  • With your small business blog, you position yourself as a thought leader in your particular niche.
  • It is also a place where you can do soft selling with strategic calls-to-action in order to generate leads.

As part of your overall marketing strategy, you want to retain your readers and engage with them further with your content. Blog comments are just such an avenue where you can engage with your readers to find out what are their expectations of certain products, how do they perceive your brand etc….

What is a Backlink?

Simply put a backlink is a link on a website that leads back to another website.

Why Does Your Small Business need Backlinks?

The more backlinks you have to your website, and the higher quality those backlinks are, the higher its rankings in the SERP’s will be…which ultimately drives more traffic to your site.

Why is Blog Commenting an Effective Back-Linking Tool?

  1. When commenting on other blogs, you are able to get links back to your blog.
  2. You can get new readers and ultimately new eyeballs to your offers.
  3. By blog commenting you can find guest blogging opportunities to strengthen your blogging community
  4. You are building your authority on a particular subject and will eventually be the thought leader in that niche.
  5. You may learn something new about a certain subject, put your own spin on it and present it to your blogging community.

Keeping informed, driving traffic to your site, increasing reader engagement and building a community are all important reasons why commenting on other blogs really matter. Provided you leave valuable feedback each time, blog commenting can be an effective way to grow your following, your social presence, and ultimately your business.

Ok now that we’ve covered all the benefits of blog commenting let us take a closer look at why I recommend a plugin CommentLuv to simplify the commenting process.

  1. You give something back to the blogger that leaves a comment by including a titled link for their last blog post.
  2. The plugin fetches the feed while they type their comment and extracts the last blog post title. When they submit their comment, the last blog post link gets added on the end of their comment for all to see
  3. You set it up and you provide effectively a service that many serious bloggers will love and covet without any work from you.

Installation Instructions for CommentLuv on WordPress (self-hosted sites only)


  1. Create account here:  (not necessary but preferably)
  2. On the Main Menu bar look for “Download”Comment Luv
  3. Download the zip file
  4. Go to your dashboard on your WordPress sitecomment luv plugin
  5. Hover over Plugins and click on Add New and in the next window Upload from the menu bar.
  6. Locate the file you just downloaded from ComLuv and choose install.comment luv setting
  7. Go to Plugin page and activate the plugin
  8. Go to Settings and click on CommentLuv
  9. Configure your settings for Comment Luv

Alternative Way:

  1. Go to your dashboard on your WordPress site
  2. Hover on Plugin and select on Add New
  3. On the next screen type “Comment Luv” in the search bar and select “search plugins”
  4. Find the Comment Luv plugin on the next screen and choose Install
  5. Active the plugin – go to Settings and configure Comment Luv settings

Installation Instructions for Blogger (this is a bit more complicated but follows along)

  1. First go to and create an account – it is free
  2. In your blogger dashboard select on Templateblogger settings
  3. On the next screen locate the “Backup/Restore” button and click thatblogger settings too
  4. On the popup select Download Full Templateblogger template
  5. Save it to an easy to locate place i.e. desktop
  6. Go to your Intense Debate account
  7. Choose on Settings and then on Account – configure your account here – add your blogger url and Blog Title and save it.intense debate settings
  8. Click on Plugins and Activate Comment Luvintense debate settings too
  9. Under Tools select Reinstall and scroll to point 5 – Click on browse and upload the file you have just downloaded from Blogger here.intense debate settings three
  10. Select the Upload file and Continue button
  11. On the next popup highlight all the code and copy it to your clipboard.
  12. Go now to your Blogger dashboard – you should still be on the Template screen and select just underneath your template the Edit HTML buttonedit blogger template
  13. Highlight all the code on the next screen and paste the code on your clipboard
  14. Click save and you are done
  15. Check that everything is working fine.comment luv on blogger

As you can see CommentLuv helps you place a link back to your site without you doing anything other than just set it up. Mostly links in comments are no-follow links with very little SEO value for your site, but with this plugin you can work around that as well. Just configure the plugin to make certain that you use the do-follow feature and the SERP’s will follow your link back to your site.

Did You Find this Tutorial Helpful?

Feel Free to Share Your Favorite Way of  Blog Commenting!

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  1. Helena, great post! The benefits of this often overlooked but effective method of backlinking should definitely encourage more people to take it up. The tried and tested methods still work well.

    I think comment luv should de-rigueur for wordpress not hello dolly!

    Thanks for the tips 🙂

    • Thanks Scott… great idea about wordpress and comment luv…. They both should make me a honorary member for promoting them so shamelessly…

  2. Hi Helena,

    Thanks for a brilliant post! It was very informative. It’s timely for me, as I’m looking to get Comment Luv on my blog.

  3. Great post, Helena. Very informative!

    I’ve just started using Disqus on my blog. Do you know how it differs from CommentLuv and which is better?


    • Hi Ian, thanks for taking time out and for commenting here!
      I do not really know which is the best…. I use Comment Luv because
      1. Commenters get 2 links to their site
      2. Although the first link is to their name the second on is to their recent blog post or if they are registered they have a choice of 10 blog posts – that makes this system absolutely great
      3. With the blog post name as a link you have a greater chance that other commenters will click on that and generate traffic that way
      4. It helps me enormously with getting new blogs to comment on

      Hope this helps….

  4. Hello Helena. I agree. Backlinks are very important when it comes to trying ranking. I will download the Comment Luv it seems like this will help with my SEO tremendously. Thanks for the tip.

    • Hi Philecia
      Glad I could be of assistance! In the online world we must build our communities on strong foundations and it is very important for me to inspire and help where I can.

  5. Hey Helena,

    Wow… this article was filled with great information on building backlinks and using CommentLuv, I loved it and I know it’s going to help a lot of people who are not aware of the importance of backlinks and building a community around your brand and online presence.

    All the best and keep these great tutorials coming! 😉


    PS. CommentLuv ROCKS!

    • Sergio, my mission is to serve! If you found it helpful so would many others and that is all that matters! I loved that movie “Pay it Forward” and that is what I try to do!

      Yes, CommentLuv Rocks indeed!

  6. Very informative post. The geek in me always love the how-to type of posts. Anyhow,it is interesting for me to note that this is the 3rd time today that I have read of commentluv. I will definitely try it out!


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