4 Signs You Desperately Need A Bigger Office Space


Usually when you start a business you don’t exactly plan for it to become huge. It’s great when it happens. All that extra money is nothing to moan about, but you chose your office space based on the size you were currently at. Things change and you end up hiring a lot more people. Everyone is always competing for the same space. I bet your photocopier is nearly blowing a fuse because it gets used so much, and there is always a queue out the door.

You will eventually need to decide if it’s finally time for a bigger office space. Somewhere that everyone can fit into nice and comfortably and get on with their work in relative peace and quiet. Once you make the move you will be a lot more productive as a company. It might cost you some money in the beginning, but you will soon earn it back. Is it time? If any of these things are happening it’s time to pack up.

Bigger Office Space | Cramped Together

Storm Crowd

People can’t do their work properly if they are all cramped together. It’s like being squashed in an elevator with a hundred people. You feel uneasy. Maybe as the boss you will be afforded more space, but you should be looking out for your employees best interests. Nobody should be able to squash each other in the face when they reach down to pick something up. If you think you need more room you probably do. Time to move on to bigger and better things.

Bigger Office Space | Local Café Gets Sick of You

Ya Internet

Are you spending more time huddled up in a café having team meetings than you are actually doing work? If the café owner eventually comes over to you and tells you to get out, you need to be thinking of somewhere much bigger with plenty of space to hold meetings. The meetings surely can’t be productive without the proper space. You are holding yourself back.

Bigger Office Space | Standing in Lunch Room

DSCF9579 Ice cream

When you have to rush into the lunch room to grab your seat for lunch, alarm bells should be ringing. People shouldn’t feel the need to go outside and eat lunch on a park bench just so they can be comfortable when they are eating. There should be enough space for everyone. Do you make people eat at their desks? Or maybe you have to work it by letting people go to lunch at different times. Not a good way to build up healthy relationships between the employees if they can’t socialize together.

Bigger Office Space|Filing Cabinets Form a Leaning Tower


If you store all your documents in filing cabinets around the office there is only so much stuff they can take before they are nearly toppling over. Why risk the threat of running out of space and losing important work. That’s what will happen if everything is just getting squashed on top of each other. In order to run an effective business, organization is important. It means you need to have plenty of room for storage equipment. If you don’t it’s time to go.

John Lewis is a finance expert and has many posts related to personal and business finance to his credit. Through his posts he talks about Corporate Recovery, forensic accountancy and insolvency.

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