About Me

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Me & Hubbie

My name is Helena Zwarts. I’m also a wife, a mom and grandmother of 5 beautiful but very active grandchildren. We are living on the West Coast of South Africa in a small town where we enjoy a calm and tranquil existence. For the past 17 years, my husband and I had the privilege to create our own destiny. We are passionate about all wooden things, so I’m the designer and he is the creator (and changing my designs constantly) of exotic furniture as featured in House and Leisure Magazine. After a recent operation my husband is now no longer able to continue in his trade and I’m now only focusing on my online business – to build it bigger and better!

How did it Start?

In 2009, the Internet lures me into exploring new ventures. I started this new venture with passion and without knowing anything about an online business. As a self-made entrepreneur, I learned a lot of new things and responding positively to the new challenges in creating a successful online business. Since then I have created various niche websites and sold them for a tidy sum. Ultimately, it isn’t about how much I made but about sharing and inspiring fellow entrepreneurs to follow their dream.

Currently I’m handling various Facebook Business Pages for small businesses and share on my own Facebook Page “Social Steroids” tips and ideas about social media marketing. As a social media consultant, I’m also helping small businesses in and around our town with their online presence.

My Goal

As an online entrepreneur, I love helping fellow online start-ups realize what is important. I help small-business owners create an effective social media presence through a solid social media plan and effective marketing strategies.

Here on the site you will find a wealth of information about starting a business, business plan, Facebook tutorials, Twitter tutorials, blogging tutorials, easy to implement social media strategies, and the creation and marketing of Mobile sites. Also, look out for my free training and other resources to help pave your way to success. Don’t listen to the naysayers; instead stick with your gut feeling about your capacity and potential. Life is too short to not believe in YOU.

My Passion

My biggest passion is to help people, whether in business, sickness or just a shoulder to cry on. This is then an open invitation for all entrepreneurs: come share your journey, whether successful or failure, or fear gripping your heart, I would love to hear from you. Fill up with encouragement, inspiration, ideas, and humor and let it carry you to better and bigger things.