5 Success Characteristics for a Wildly Successful Business


If you are smart and want your start-up to survive you need to cultivate these 5 success characteristics. Because there’s so much competition on every corner, you must strive to be the best. Better than everyone else. It’s what it takes to survive. To prosper. To mold your start-up in a hugely profitable and respected company. It is time to evaluate your small business….

5 success characteristics

Success Characteristics | Plenty of ambition

What is a small business without ambition? That’s an easy one, right? It’s a company that will never go anywhere. If you have no ambition you will be like a sitting duck. Everyone who starts behind you will catch up, because you don’t care. Profits will never go up. You will never be able to afford that mansion by the beach. That’s fine if you want to settle for what you already have. Then slowly over the years you will begin to suffer because you’ve lost your drive.

Success Characteristics | Great customer service

It goes without saying that customer service is the most important thing you need to get right for your small business. The only customer you want to have is a happy one. You already know how difficult it is to close a sale. If someone comes recommended from a happy customer they are already 50% there. They already have their wallet out as they walk into your store. Once you forget this you will begin to see major problems.

Success Characteristics | Hunger for innovation

The times are changing so fast. Every week your competitor is bringing out a new product. Maybe it’s as good as yours. The only way you can keep on top is by always trying to improve what you’ve got. Always paying close attention to the trends and keeping up to date with as much as possible. If you fall behind it can be hard to get it back. Sometimes impossible. You need people that are hungry for positive change and will go out and get it.

Success Characteristics | Lethal execution

If someone orders something you better make sure they have it in their hands as soon as possible. They won’t wait around for long. How many times do you see companies get lazy, as if they can just sit back and relax once they receive the money. No way. It shouldn’t be happening. It’s not just about delivering customers orders. Listen to what they want. If you are missing something you need to get on it as soon as you can.

Success Characteristics | Laser focus

When you have something that works for your start-up you need to get right behind it 100%. Who cares what else is on your mind? No-one. By concentrating all your efforts on the things that are going well you’re guaranteeing your small business is improving. If something isn’t making you money you need to examine the problem closely and if still can’t figure it out you need to stop wasting your time on it. Focus and you will succeed.

This guest post is written by James Prihar. He loves providing useful business tips as well as maintains a website helping new business owners in their first-time merchant services.

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