4 Ways To Turn Up The Heat On Employees Without Scaring Them Away


Your employees can change your life if they work the way you want them to. I’m sure you have a special vision and wish everyone would work as hard as you to achieve it, but you have to remember that the people who work for you are just employees. If there was twenty identical copies of you working there I bet you would already be a millionaire by now. There’s not, so you have to find the best way to get the most out of everyone without scaring them away.
If you’ve had people working for you a long time you will probably know what makes them work as hard as you need them to.
Unfortunately, if you haven’t had much employees in the past it can be difficult. It’s hard to hit the nail on the head. You either work people too hard and they quit, or you don’t work them hard enough and you leave money on the table. Neither of those options are good enough if you want to reach your goal. That’s the only thing that matters, so here’s a few good ways to start making people turn up and work harder than they’ve done in a long time. Make sure you start trying some of them right away to see if they work for you.

Stop Them From Procrastinating

It’s easy enough for your employees to stop working and see what their best friend is posting on Facebook. If people have the option to do this you have to accept there’s some people that will. You can stop them without being scary. Just install employee monitoring software on the computers so you know exactly what people are spending their time on. You just need to tell them you will now see everything. They might not like it, but you haven’t raised your voice and they know they can’t mess about anymore.

Give Them a Future

It’s pretty easy to understand why people would be more likely to work harder when they have a vested interest in something. If they realize they will have to look for another job one day there’s no point in them fully dedicating themselves to the job, whereas if they think they could get promoted and have a career with you they’d be more likely to knuckle down and work as hard as possible. That’s because the bigger the company is, the more money they will earn in wages.

Play a Game

When people have to compete for something they are much more dedicated to it. You could set up simple competitions between the different teams in the company. Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing, but you want people to think they must work harder to beat everyone. When the person next to them makes X sales they turn around and decide to make 2X sales. Just be careful and make sure people are not getting sloppy because they are trying to go too fast. There’s a difference between sloppy and hard work.

Working as a Unit

You’ve been told all your life that two heads are better than one because it’s true. You can’t be the one that is there to prop them up all the time, so that means you’ll need to build the best team you can that will help each other out. There can’t be any bitterness or some employees always arguing with others they don’t have anything in common with. Everyone needs to work together to achieve greatness. The easiest way you can achieve something like this is by paying more attention at the hiring phase.

We would like to hear your innovative ways to encourage productivity in your workforce. Which of the above mentioned ideas sit well with you?

Author: Ferris Burns is a management expert. His blogs on Webwatcher are often of great help to mangers and HR personnel. They help in different and innovative ways, to get the best out of the employees.


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