Inspired Innovation: 3 Effective Leadership Principles

creative leadership

A successful business requires effective leadership to grow and prosper. When a business grows too fast, it will often promote people to a position of leadership that they may not be prepared for. Teach the following three leadership principles to new managers to enhance their performance and promote productivity in the transition phase. What is effective leadership and how can you make it part of your organization?

Be the Lightning Rod for Creativity

The worst kinds of leaders are the ones that do not take input from subordinates. The best kinds of leaders are the ones that encourage input from subordinates and then use that input to make the workplace better.

One of the key leadership principles is to foster creativity among your staff. Hire only employees based on his/her particular set of skills. The best way to get the most from your diverse staff is to take its input and apply it towards company policies and solutions. You never know when an employee will come up with an idea that could make the company millions of dollars. Unless you foster creativity, you will never know if that idea is out there.

Get Out of the Box

Guidelines and structure are essential for maintaining order and productivity in the workplace. However, if you never drop the reigns just a little, then you are missing out on some great ideas.

Not every solution to your company’s problems can be found in the employee handbook or even in the annals of corporate common sense. When the company faces a challenge, then encourage your employees to think outside of the box to find a solution. Creative thinking is an effective leadership skill that many executives lack and to think it is actually the catalyst for innovation and corporate success. The more that you foster unique approaches to problem solving, the more ways you will find to better the competition.

Encourage Teamwork

It sometimes sounds like the oldest cliché in the book, but good leadership is all about developing effective teamwork. Each of your employees is good at something. The principles of effective leadership require of you as a leader, to bring the team together and utilize their skills to help solve problems and get past challenges. A good leader knows that a strong team is much more valuable than a staff of individual employees.

Effective leadership can sometimes require bold approaches. Nevertheless, when you get your team used to a creative but controlled approach, then you will start to see the benefits of strong leadership.

Question: How are you encouraging creative thinking within your organization? Share with us some of your effective leadership principles!

Author Bio

Jennie is a small business consultant, author, and blogger. She recommends and their innovative business dashboards, which bring the type of clarity that leads to improved performance and competitive advantages.

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  1. Okay first of all, I don’t know who wrote this article, the post info says “by Helena” but the bio says Jennie, so I’m assuming this was either borrowed content from Jennie or a guest post.

    Either way, I happen to agree that a team without creative people is losing huge growth and delivery potential since the more heads, the better (when it comes to brainstorming).

    I have worked on several small and big IT projects in the past and the common denominator is that everyone is entitled to bring new ideas to the table whenever we’re trying to solve something or come up with a creative solution for a specific need.

    Not having this kind of environment is definitely hurting your team potential and I have found that this strategy works in many different niches.

    Creativity should always be welcome even if it’s not coming straight from the creative department (lateral thinking can give new approaches too!).


    • Hi Sergio
      Thanks for taking time out to leave a comment. I’m (Helena) is the blog owner and yes Jennie is one of many guest posters (as they are not regular contributors I do the posting – hence my name is showing up). Hope that clarifies the issue.

      I appreciate your input! It is always great when leaders in the market share their perspective on sometimes-sensitive issues. Many times managers let their egos stand in the way of what otherwise could’ve been an innovative step forward for the small business.




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