5 Effective Ways To Marketing Your Small Business

marketing your small business

When you’re starting a small business it’s hard to get it off the ground. Not because you aren’t an expert at what you do, but because nobody will ever know about you. Having the skills necessary to sell a product or provide a service is only the beginning. Marketing your small business is one of the biggest things you will need to do. If you don’t yet know how to go about it there’s going to be a few road bumps along the way. If you can’t get over them your business will fail.


It seems easy enough. Tell people about your business. You have to throw yourself into marketing. Especially in the beginning as your business grows. It should take up a lot of your time. If you stop marketing the business it will be wiped out when you lose your current customers. There are certain easy ways to go about this. Ways that should be good enough to get you started and bringing money in the door before you maybe have to hire a company to do your marketing for you.

Build a Website

Who doesn’t have a website these days? If it’s you then do yourself a favor and get one built straight away. Technology is taking over and you need somewhere online that your customers can find you. It doesn’t need to be an overly complicated one. Just a simple thing will do as long as it looks semi-decent and gives people the necessary details about your business. Once you get a little more experienced you can do some simple things to get your website in front of targeted eyes. But the main thing is that it’s there.

Have a Business Card

As well as having an online presence you have to cater to your offline customers. The cheapest way to do this is by having beautiful business cards made. Ones that look so good your customers will happily keep it in their wallet. You don’t have to play around with designing it yourself. There’s plenty of places online where you can design one by using templates they provide for you. Once you order them they’ll be sent straight to your door. Now all you have to do is hand them out to as much people as you can.

Use Local Businesses

Have you ever seen the notice board at your local supermarket? Some places let you advertise your services inside their store. Whether they charge for this will depend on the individual business. But you could easily have flyers printed and try to get them put up in some local stores. You could even hire a few college kids and have them walk around handing them out. Once you have flyers made you can definitely get creative with the marketing.

Start an email list

When you have your website set up you can try to build an email list. All you need to do is offer an incentive to your site’s visitors and they will happily give you it. Once you have it you can send them an email whenever you have something to say. Remember not to focus too much on offers. You will obviously have to promote something, but it shouldn’t be every single time you send them an email. For example, if you’re a photography business you could send them tips for taking better photos.

Use a Calendar

Most people in the world use a cell phone. Having one these days isn’t just for making calls. It can be used for thousands of different things and one of them is the ability to find out the date at the drop of a hat. It’s funny but everyone still seems to like physical calendars. As nice as an electronic one is, some people like somewhere they can actually write something down with a pen. If you get some calendars printed with your business details on them, it’s a great way to stay in your customers mind. That’s where you always want to be.

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