5 Revolutionary Online Marketing Techniques

If your direct mail campaigns are not getting results, consider focusing more of your time and energy on a specific online marketing technique. A solid online marketing strategy can greatly improve the overall success of your small business as many people are now turning to the Internet to find local businesses. If your webpage does a good job of converting visitors into clients, you will want to find as many ways as possible to increase your web traffic. Here are five online marketing tips to do just that.

Content Creation

Creating high quality content and syndicating it around the Internet is one of the best online marketing strategies available to small business owners. When you are able to position yourself as an industry expert, people will flock to your website to see what you have to say about a certain subject. With a sound content marketing strategy in place, you can easily increase your rankings in SERPs and that will lead to more visitors on your site.

Measure Your Results

Part of your online marketing plan is measuring your results. Using an analytics program such as Google Analytics is necessary if you are serious about your online marketing strategy.  By installing this tracking software, you will be able to see where your traffic is currently coming from and where you have room for improvement. It also gives you the opportunity to identify well performing sources both in terms of number of visitors and conversions. This information is vital in any online marketing plan to make the right decisions on how to develop an effective plan regarding these sources.

Guest Posting

Creating guest blog posts is another excellent strategy for site promotion. If you can get a high quality, blog post placed on a website with a big following, those people reading your post will click through to your site to see what else you have written. This technique requires that you only create high quality content to share as guest posts. You will be able to raise awareness about your small business while gaining instant traffic with this technique.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising is another strategy worth of your attention. There are many different pay per click advertising vendors to explore, but possibly the most well-known is Google Adwords. With PPC advertising, you are able to place your ads in the “sponsored ads” portion of the search engine results for specific keywords you bid on, which enables you to attract targeted visitors. If you bid on keywords that receive many daily searches, there is great potential to receive a significant boost in your web traffic. This technique requires that you know your target audience well and execute the plan in fine detail.

Affiliate Marketing

Creating an affiliate program is another wonderful strategy to promote your small business. By having, others promote your webpage for you in exchange for a free product or commission on sales; you can sit back and run other aspects of your business while other site owners drive traffic for you.

In order to run a successful small business, you need to drive targeted traffic to your web page. Formulating an effective plan to increase your web traffic can be a challenge, however, when you do find an online marketing strategy that works, it is well worth all of the time and effort as your small business will start to thrive.

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Jennie is a marketing consultant, blogger, and author. If your dental direct mail campaigns are not yielding the desired results, consider the services of 123 Postcards.

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11 thoughts on “5 Revolutionary Online Marketing Techniques

  • Great article thanks for sharing those tips, i really recommend guest posting is you can find a high traffic blog with a related topic and have your article posted their will be a great idea

    • Hi Jossef – thanks for taking the time to leave a comment…. I love guest posting… you are quite right if one can get a guest post on a high traffic blog your own blog will see exponentially traffic and rankings in the SERPs

  • Content is king. Quality content should be at the forefront of any strategy for sure. Guest blogging is something I am looking at to include in my model, so many benefits!
    Thanks for the relevant information.

  • Another great post, Helena.

    We went the Content Marketing route this year with Ideal Software and it brought in loads of traffic to our site. We started blogging once a month but realized this isn’t enough so we now plan to blog more frequently.

    We also did some guest blogging which saw a whole new audience visiting our site. Definitely plan to include more of this next year.

    Thanks Ian.

    • Thanks Ian, yes content marketing push my blog to its current Alexa ranking of 262 887. I’m also busy on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ these sites did also contribute to our rankings and traffic. I publish on average about 3 articles per week – a bit fewer here at the end of the year…. I have used guest bloggers to a great extend but all the submitted posts were still in line with our theme of “small business”. I must also stress the fact that it is of utmost importance to optimize each post for the best results.

      I also do guest blogging but to a far lesser extent because I really want to publish on high ranking, high traffic blogs and that is not always achievable.

  • Hi Helena, Ahh web traffic! Everyone wants it, very few know how to get it consistently.
    You provide a great outline regarding the topic. Social media is doing wonders today with providing traffic for one’s website.
    Thanks for the great share, Helena!

    • Hi George, thanks for your visit and comment! I really appreciate it! Yes, traffic is the gold of the online world, don’t you think?

  • Helena,
    Great article. Web traffic is the holy grail we are all after. I struggle to keep a steady pace of adding content on my blog. I’m pretty picky about the quality as I know content is king. Thus, finding the time to post on a regular basis is difficult for me personally. I like the idea of guest posting. This is something I plan to implement heavily in 2013 with my new blog. Thanks for the share.

    • Hi Steve, I totally agrees with you about the traffic! To find that sweet spot for targeted traffic is essential for anybody that wish to grows their online presence…

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