Effective Time Management: Why Do Small Businesses Need It?


Effective time management is an essential element of any business. This is because the goal of any enterprise is to be efficient, which means to deliver an effective, good quality output in the shortest time possible. Effective time management refers to properly managing your activities within your specified timeline. Going beyond the timeline may entail higher cost and is not good for the business.

Some of the most important ingredients of effective time management are planning, prioritization, and focus. Planning is a basic requirement, as it is during this stage that tasks for every segment or unit of the business entity are identified. Setting up the work plans properly ensures that all units do work together towards a common goal. Meanwhile, prioritization is a process where you need to identify core areas to be prioritized because these have critical roles to play in the production cycle. Focus is very important to achieve effective time management because without it, you won’t be able to accomplish an assigned task well.

effective time management

Small businesses have a lot of reasons to require good time management. The scale of their operations may be too small they could not afford to incur additional costs in the event of poor management of business operations. This article shows the benefits that small businesses should not miss for them to achieve growth.

Effective Time Management|Increased Productivity

If tasks are properly managed, greater productivity transpires. This is done by streamlining business operations towards a clear and common goal. Increased productivity leads to business growth. This happens when the company is able to take on more work or projects because the tasks are properly and quickly delivered.

Effective Time Management|Reduced Stress and Anxiety

With perfect time management, you and your employees are able to stick to your work schedules without the need for revalidating and reevaluating tasks. If you stick to your work plans, you are able to finish projects without rushing. Therefore, you can avoid stresses and anxieties and become even more efficient in your work.

Effective Time Management|Better Work Quality

Perfect time management may result to an early completion of work. Therefore, you will have enough time to consider alternative approaches, integrate new information, reevaluate, and polish your work. Having the chance to do these will help you achieve a better work quality.

Effective Time Management|Accountability

Effective time management entails proper division of labor. You assign people to do specific tasks within a specified timetable. This lets you hold each person in the production process accountable for his or her tasks and accomplishments. This can lead to increased productivity and consequently business growth if a proper incentive system is put in place.

Effectively managing your time and that of your employees’ is very important for your small business to step up in the market. Learn the strategies that work best with your company. Encourage your employees to exercise better management of their tasks and make sure you provide proper incentives to best performers. Effective time management is not an easy task but can be possibly achieved with regular practice and a dose of perseverance.

Author Bio: Gary Trainor is the CEO of Infinisource, a, workforce management company with headquarters in Coldwater, MI and Charlotte, NC. Mr. Trainor has more than three decades of HCM industry and management experience that includes almost 20 years at ADP as Division President.

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